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Michigan Gift Baskets

Our unique gift baskets are full of Michigan-made goods, beautifully presented to highlight the products. We use environmentally-friendly, biodegradable packaging in all our baskets. Shipping materials are reused or recycled and all shipments are carbon neutral. 

We offer in-store and curbside pickup, delivery in the Greater Lansing area for a $10 charge, and shipping to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states for a fee. 

To order, please email friends@oldtown-generalstore.com or call us at (517) 487-6847, leave us your name and phone number, and let us know which baskets you are interested in and if you would like to pick them up or have them delivered or shipped. If you would like the items shipped, please include the recipient’s name and address in your email. (This will speed up the process as we can calculate the actual shipping charge before we reply to you.) If you would like an enclosure note included with the basket, let us know what you would like to say and we can take care of that for you.

We can also custom build gift baskets if there is something specific you are looking for. We typically need 24 hours notice during the non-holiday season and 48 hours November 20th to December 25th on gift basket orders.
(We will make equivalent product substitutions if needed.)

Click here to download a .pdf copy of our Michigan Gift Basket Catalog

MI Nuts for Chocolate Gift Basket OTGS60 $100
S’mores swirl chocolate bar, 6 oz. salt and pepper peanuts, Cajun chile nut mix, Yooper trail mix, chocolate-covered almonds, Grocer’s Daughter chocolate bar, 4 oz. bag toffee, 7.2 oz. mixed chocolate mints, protein snack mix, cinnamon-roasted almonds, honey mustard pepita Brazil nut mix.

MI Crate of Goodies Gift Basket OTGS42 $100
Medium MI wooden crate, 8 oz. maple syrup, Harwood and Gold pancake mix, cherry salsa, 7.2 oz. mixed cherry chocolates, Yooper trail mix, dried cherries, 6 oz. maple pecan granola, cherry cream honey

MI Cutting Board Gift Basket OTGS38 $100
Michigan cookie cutter, fudge, cherry preserves, MI state symbols mug, harvest thyme soup mix, medium wood MI cutting board.

MI Souper Gift Basket
OTGS75 $75

Slatherin’ wing sauce, 2 oz. Red Hot Griff sampler hot sauce, Alden Mills garlic and onion blend, Dilly Potato soup mix, Dutch split pea soup mix, 2 lb. dry black beans, Tickled Pink salt blend, pear-cinnamon preserves.

MI Goodness! Gift Basket
OTGS70 $75

Jalapeño cherry salsa, Steenstra windmill cookies, Ann Arbor tortilla chips, dark chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate-covered Michigummies, Mackinac fudge, summer sausage, 2 oz. Love of Bees hot sauce, 1/4 lb. bag of maple candy

MI Pantry Delights Gift Basket OTGS39 $65.00
Garlic and parsley linguine, cherry poppyseed vinaigrette, chicken pot pie soup mix, Moreno spaghetti sauce, 2 oz. toffee, Alden Mills pork and poultry seasoning, 4 oz. honey ham pork sticks.

MI ChocoNuts Gift Basket
OTGS65 $65.00

2.2 oz. roll cherry chocolates, 7.2 oz. mixed chocolate mints, smores swirl chocolate bar, 3 oz. sweet chili peanuts, honey mustard pepitas brazil nut mix, Yooper trail mix, chocolate-covered almonds

MI Three Meals
OTGS20 $65.00

Germack protein snack mix, 6 oz. cherry almond granola, Michigan Harvest Thyme soup mix, 8oz maple syrup, pit-smoked summer sausage, dried cherries, Harwood & Gold pancake mix

MI Wooden Plate SOLD OUT
OTGS37 $57
Two vintage State of Michigan frosted glasses, two great lakes outline cork coasters, Yooper trail mix, handmade wooden plate.

MI Snack Sampler
OTGS10 $55

Great Lakes cherry BBQ chips, Steenstara windmill cookies, Michigummies, cark chocolate Yooper Bar, cherry licorice bites, 2 oz. butter pretzels, 2.2 oz. mixed cherry chocolates, Mackinac Island fudge, 6 oz. Zingerman’s cinnamon peanuts

MI Sugar Buzz
OTGS41 $50

Saltwater taffy, 2 oz. toffee, milk chocolate Yooper bar, 2.2 oz. roll cherry chocolates, 2.2 oz. roll of mixed mints, Michigummies, Sayklly’s fudge pasty, small handmade wooden MI crate

MI Berries
OTGS55 $35

Blubarb jam, dried cherry berry blend, 2.2 oz. roll mixed cherry chocolates, 1 lb. blueberry granola

MI Health
OTGS50 $30

Cherry Bay dried cherries, 1 lb. maple pecan granola, American Harvest snack bag, Steenstra windmill cookies.

MI Noteworthy
OTGS40 $27

Gwen Frostic set of 12 small notes, MI Symbols large box of matches, Kalamazoo candle tin.

MI Nibbler
OTGS45 $25

2 oz. butter pretzels, milk chocolate Yooper bar, Little Diablo salsa, Ann Arbor Original tortilla chips, Jakes BBQ pork sticks

MI Sweet Stuff
OTGS35 $20

2.2 oz. roll of mixed cherry chocolates, 2 oz toffee, milk chocolate Yooper bar, 8 oz. saltwater taffy.