Old Town General Store

About Us

The Old Town General Store offers the warmth of a traditional general store with a progressive approach to foods and customer care and an emphasis on Michigan-themed and produced products whenever possible. We love our state and all the creative Michigan-based vendors we help promote. Call us at (517) 487-6847 and we’ll walk you through our product selection. We have products from the southern edge of our state all the way up to the Upper Peninsula!

We have quite a variety of Michigan-produced specialty foods including frozen pastured chicken, ground beef, sausage, smoked whitefish pate, and pasties. Dry goods too, soup mix, pasta, salsa, eggs, spices, coffee, tea, and much more. You never know what you’ll find at the Old Town General Store!

We also have a wonderful selection of Michigan-made snacks, sweets, and sundries, and wine as well a large and varied selection of Michigan-themed/made gifts items. Take a peek at our Facebook page for information on and photos of updated arrivals or just come in and see us! We will be happy to show you around!

About the Owner

The Old Town General Store is a result of many years dreaming about coming back to the area where I grew up. I was a child when this area was a busy little downtown; with a bank, pharmacy, five-and-dime store, and more. I remember having to sit quietly while my mom did her banking and then going to the D&C to look at all the trinkets and toys. (I bought my first doll there.) I rode my bike up and down the streets of Old Town, even when I wasn’t supposed to, and thrived in the diversity of North Lansing.

As an adult, I moved away and found my life and family in nearby Haslett, But, I was always drawn back to Old Town; becoming involved by way of supporting the various festivals and other events. The economy was stagnant, stores came and went, but I knew that it was just a matter of time till Old Town would be Mid-Michigan’s hub of culture and activity.

One evening, in the company of good friends, food, and a bottle of wine or two, the general store idea was born. We all felt that Old Town needed a store that provided quality food at reasonable prices. I was going through a career change and was ready to take on the challenge. So, here I am; the time is right.

I want to create a unique store with a mission. The Old Town General Store will have the warmth of a traditional general store with a progressive approach to foods and customer care and an emphasis on organic and sustainable products sourced from Michigan suppliers whenever possible. I look forward to helping satisfy your grocery and gift needs; it sure feels good to be a part of the neighborhood again!

Rhea Van Atta
Owner: Old Town General Store